Watchmeal Crescent – Work Goes On

Working on behalf of Knowes Housing Association and a project steering group comprising of local residents, we have submitted our first Stage 2 Community Spaces Application for a project based within Watchmeal Crescent in Faifley that hopes to transform a currently neglected communal space into a vibrant community garden and provide local residents with space to both relax and interact.

The space will give local young people dedicated play zones that encourages them to use their Watchmeal Crescent Visualisationimagination and  develop informal play activities. If funding is approved, Knowes Housing Association will work with The Wise Group, a training and employability organisation, to deliver the majority of the work through a training programme that will engage with local unemployed residents and provide them with construction and job skills over a 26 week period.

All involved with the development of the project were keen to see art playing a significant role in the transformation of the site and Knowes Housing Association plan to work with CAOS, a Clydebank based community arts organisation to work with local residents to design and implement a series of art features, including an art line that will trace the origins of Faifley from the cup and ringstones to textiles to present day; creation of playground markings that encourage young people to become active through the design of the informal play zones.

We are currently supporting Knowes Housing Association in the development of a People and Communities Application to match fund the Community Spaces application.


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