Watchmeal Crescent improvements start with site clearance and creating community art

The improvement works at Watchmeal Crescent in Faifley started in October and the contractor has completed site clearance works preparing the area for the new look.

A part of the work is to create community art on the site for all residents to enjoy. The community has been involved in creating this art over the summer when CAOS delivered two art sessions per week over a period of six weeks in Skypoint, Faifley. 51 people took part in the workshops, with 24 young people attending youth artline sessions and 27 children and adults attended family play area workshops. More art workshops are due to be carried out in February 2014.
CAOS Watchmeal Artline
Thanks to residents and local people taking part in the workshops, CAOS now have designs for the artline, focusing on the theme of Faifley’s history. This builds upon a number of successful art projects that have been undertaken with the Faifley community.

Cobble Mosaic
A good body of work has also been achieved and decisions made on the design for the cobble mosaic areas that will be laid within the existing roadway. Final workshops will be carried out in February 2014.

Informal Play Zone
The informal play zone will include a living natural feature created out of live intertwining willow which can be shaped

CAOS Watchmeal cobble mosaic

to form tunnels or domes. We will be looking for Watchmeal Crescent residents to come and get involved in fun workshops in early 2014 to help shape the willow.
Community Zone
Also in early 2014, the community zone will have individual stencil markings that will encourage storytelling, play and dance.




Training & Employability
The Trust is delivering the training and employability element of the project. Thanks to funding secured from the Scottish Government’s People and Communities Fund, six unemployed young people from the Faifley area have been given six months waged employment, together with training and support to help them move into future employment.

Trainees completed working on other sites within Faifley, and have now moved onto Watchmeal Crescent as the site clearance works are finished.

More updates on the project will be posted on our website and published in our quarterly newsletter.


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