Volunteer Case Study: Morag

One of our key aims is to support volunteers to gain crucial work based experience skills and access a comprehensive relevant training programme which equips them to help meet the needs of their local community and a progression route into further training/education or employment.

Morag is a mature volunteer who came to CLS to enquire about the opportunities available for her to volunteer and give something back into her community. In turn, Morag wanted to gain some experience as she has wanted to change her career and work with young people but never had the medium in which to do this.

Morag registered with the ViPP in October 2012 and since then she has volunteered 91 hours in the first five months of her time volunteering and a further 361 hours in the months from April to September. In total, she has given CLS 452 hours of her time to dedicate to frontline experiential youth work and access the training opportunities that the programme offers.

Morag attended and completed the Activate course which resulted in her gaining a guaranteed interview for the postgraduate course in community learning and development. Morag has now started this course as a direct result of her participation in this programme. She is also following a career change and is currently applying for positions working with young people to help her work her way through a self funded university course. Morag has made herself a crucial part of a team working alongside young people and helping deliver activities such as group work, early intervention work, fundraising events, streetwork, club work and provided her time (a much needed resource) on a ten day French exchange residential where she helped support staff and young people take part in a cultural and environmental exchange visit. Morag has been a terrific ambassador for this programme where she has successfully built on her existing skills learned new skills, knowledge and increased her capacity and ability throughout her participation in this programme.

This are Morag’s own words about her experience as a volunteer:

“To date my volunteering with the organisation has made an incredible difference in my life. By actively participating in the community I have travelled on a journey of self discovery: gaining incredible knowledge, skill sets as well invaluable experience, allowing me to effectively help others improve or change their circumstances. This has been a very steep learning curve; from actually learning what community really is and how we can help people participate in their own development both as individuals and as a collective group.

“The projects I have been lucky to participate in have opened my mind; allowing me to step out of the naive consciousness I selfishly displayed into the real world. Through support and teaching from my fellow workers I was able to learn as well as attend and participate in the Activate course, which has led me to pursue a complete career change. I am now studying a postgrad diploma in CLD at Glasgow uni which I hope will lead me into the community as a full-time worker.  Therefore my outcomes have been incredible in my short time with Community Links Scotland/Streetlinks and I can only thank you all, especially Janette and John for their support and teachings.”

If you are inspired by Morag and would like to know more about about volunteering programme or would like to participate yourself, please contact Janette on 0141 952 4382 or email janette@comlinks.org.uk.

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