Updates to the PCF Application Form

Scottish-Governement1In December 2012, People and Communities Fund updated their application form, help notes, guidance and eligibility checklist. The form is now much more user friendly and we would like to give you an overview of the changes and updates and highlight some improvements to the new version of the application.

The new PCF application:

  • Does not now have a word limit for each question (however the box size is an indication of the word limit).
  • Q18. Applicants are now provided with a table to list the key project tasks/milestones.
  • Q20. Applicants now have the option to select both employability and preventative action as project priorities.
  • Now enables the applicant to amend or change answers more easily such as moving text around and inset tables.
  • Q27. Now provides an outputs and outcomes table for applicants.

The form also has two new questions, totalling 37 questions, compared with 35 previously. The new questions are:

Q34. Have you been successful in securing match funding from other funders for this project?

Q37. PCF funding is paid quarterly in arrears. PCF advise that they may be able to pay salary costs in advance, subject to agreement.

Application Form Help Notes

Help notes have been updated to correspond with the new application.

Guidance for Applicants

PCF now advise that it is their aim is to give a response to applicants within ten weeks of receipt of a completed application. You should therefore submit your application to PCF at least ten weeks before the proposed start date of your project.

New Eligibility Checklist

This now asks for the name of organisation, name of project, date and signature.

CLS have been helping a wide range of organisations complete the PCF application form and have been successful in securing funding for a variety of projects such as Building Sustainable Communities – a join project of 6 housing associations and the Mungo Foundation providing support to their vulnerable tenants.

If you think your organisation could benefit from accessing the Scottish Government’s funding, please get in touch and we’ll assess if you’re eligible, work with you to develop your idea and guide you through the process of applying.

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