Tackling Fuel Poverty in Inverclyde

Fuel Fix Inverclyde is a project that has been developed in partnership with Solas Scotland and IHAF (River Clyde Homes, Cloch Housing Association, Oak Tree Housing Association and Larkfield Housing Association).

The project is being run for an initial 6 month pilot and will ensure that RSL tenants within selected areas have access to appropriate and easy to understand energy efficiency advice and advocacy to assist them in tackling the effects of fuel poverty. The project aims to:

  • address rising levels of fuel poverty
  • extend the availability of practical home energy advocacy and support
  • help the most vulnerable people, face to face, with their home energy challenges
  • add value to existing local and national services

Fuel poverty figures within South West Greenock & East/Central Greenock are noticeably higher than the Inverclyde average, with 27% of RSL (Registered Social Landlords) households being fuel poor and 5% being extremely fuel poor.Fuel Fix Inverclyde

Tenants participating within the project will also benefit from Good Egg Energy, an energy charity organisation which has been set up with the sole purpose of helping domestic energy users get the best deal possible.

Community Links Scotland are currently developing further applications to expand the delivery of the service to greater number of RSL tenants within Inverclyde.

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