Staff Profile: Suzannah Roberts – Project Manager

For this issue of the newsletter, we picked one of our project managers to profile in our regular series of articles introducing members of staff. Suzannah – or Suz as she’s known around the office – has been with Community Links since 2005 with one short break when she went back to her homeland of Australia.

We have asked a few questions about Suzannah Robertsher work and her life outside the office:

1. What is your current role at CLS?
Project Manager

2. What attracted you to this job/position?
I originally started in this role with CLS in May 2005 and saw it as an exciting and varied role after 2 years working as a development officer in Greater Easterhouse. I then left the role in August 2007, to return to Australia for a while but missing Scotland and the job so much I returned to CLS in February 2009.

3. Describe the typical day of a project manager at CLS. If no two days are the same, provide some examples of what might be on your to do list.
Right now I’m working on a variety of community facility development projects as well as continuing to manage the community regeneration programmes for some of our client RSLs. At the moment a typical day for me can include: writing funding applications, organising community consultation, analysing local demographic figures, negotiating with potential project partners, writing reports and generally pulling my hair out at least once a day!

4. What is the most challenging part of your job?
At the moment it would have to be finding project funding. There are so many good project ideas but the current funding environment often means that there is at least one funding setback for every funding success

5. What is your life like outside CLS?
Hectic! I’m currently planning my June wedding and preparing for the ‘invasion’ by my Australian family and friends, whilst also trying to sell a house!

6. What would be a perfect day when you’re not at work?
A day of having to do absolutely nothing – they seem very few and far between right now!

7. If you weren’t doing this job, what would you like to do?
Travel – there’s always more of the world to see.

8. What is your worst habit at the office?
Hmmm, my co-workers would probably be better answering this. It could be my messy desk but I’m guessing it’s far more likely my loud voice!

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