Staff Profile: Caitlin Gillen – Modern Apprentice in Business and Administration

I am an apprentice with Community Links Scotland. An apprenticeship is when a young person goes straight into a job to learn on the job. At the end of your year, or sometimes 2 years, you get an SQA.

You can do a variety of different types of jobs. I choose Business and Administration. I started my apprenticeship at the start of July this year straight after my 16th birthday. I am really enjoying Caitlin Gillen - Modern Apprentice in Business and Administrationmy apprenticeship and I’m really happy I took the chance while I had it. I also volunteer for Streetlinks who are a youth project within Community Links Scotland. I enjoy going out with them doing street shifts, gala days and lots of different things. Before I got my apprenticeship I was a volunteer for Streetlinks and I was doing some admin stuff in the office. That’s what got me interested in it all to start with. I would recommend an apprenticeship to any young person.

I also am part of Ten2Ten – a group of ten young people from West Dunbartonshire. In July this year, the ten young people from West Dunbartonshire and ten young people from France started a two year programme of their French exchange. We all met at Centre 81 in Garelochhead and spent 10 days visiting places all over Scotland. I really enjoyed it and met loads of new friends. I was sad for it to be over but hopefully we can go to France in 2013. The only way we can do this is if we raise £4500. The group meets every second Tuesday to try and raise the money and get ready for France. I like being part of the group, not many young people get the chance that I and the group have had.

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