People and Communities Fund: Millions for Disadvantaged Communities

The Scottish Government’s new People and Communities Fund (PCF) builds on the success of Wider Role and is being offered to community anchor organisations in the next three years. It will allow them to deliver the services and/or projects that have been identified by the community as helping it achieve its outcomes.

We have started working with our clients on securing funding from this new fund for various community projects that will actively engage local people and support and encourage community development.

The Scottish Government’s Regeneration Strategy ‘Achieving a Sustainable Future’ which was launched in December 2011 places support for community led regeneration at the heart of its approach, recognising that the changes required to make all communities sustainable will only be achieved when communities themselves play a part in delivering change.

Community led regeneration is therefore integral to delivering the vision set out within the strategy. To help promote this community led regeneration, £6 million is now available from the People and Communities Fund each financial year between July 2012 and March 2015. The PCF will support community organisations to grow and strengthen by delivering outcomes to meet and respond to the aspirations of their communities. This funding focuses on two main priority themes: employability and preventative action.

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