New City-based Clients for CLS

Throughout our ten years of existence, the majority of our work has been focused on areas of rural Scotland where development of new facilities and activities was required due mainly to the relative isolation of these places. Recently we’ve been expanding our client base to more urban areas as well and in addition to several existing clients we’ve now been extending our work within the Glasgow City Council area.


Cadder Community Centre and Sports Hall

The latest additions to our city-based work are two community-led regeneration projects. One of our first projects in the north of Glasgow has been working with Cadder Housing Association and Cadder Hall Management Committee for the past year to develop a project which will see a new Cadder Community Hub on Skirsa Street in the heart of the neighbourhood. Together with an architect, we’ve been looking at the options available for the future use of the community centre and adjoining sports hall while working on improvements to the current facilities.

We carried out a door to door consultation, surveyed residents at the local gala day and other community events and began to feed the results into an option analysis which indicated that retaining and improving both buildings was not the best option from a range of perspectives. We are now using the results of the business plan to complete a variety of funding bids for the improvement of the community centre and the demolition and rebuilding on the sports hall site.


Barmulloch Community Consultation

CLS community consultation and Streetlinks’ climbing wall at the Barmulloch “C in the Park” gala day

In May 2012, we were commissioned by Barmulloch Community Development Company, also in the north of Glasgow, to work with them to progress their Stage 2 funding application to Big Lottery Growing Community Assets for a new tenants hall. This will replace the existing rundown hall with a new, state of the art suite of halls and meeting rooms which will accommodate all of the current community organisations in the area and hopefully encourage the formation of new organisations. We’ve been collecting responses to a survey conducted over a series of community events and using the results to prepare a business case for the development of a facility that will benefit the local residents and provide services most needed in the area.


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