Marketing Strategy for Gawkthrapple’s CentrePoint Community Centre

CentrePoint opened in May 2010 as a new community hub for the Gowkthrapple area in North Lanarkshire.  It was developed by Garrion People’s Housing Co-operative (GHPC) as part of wider regeneration of the neighbourhood and provides space for GPHC and North Lanarkshire Council’s housing offices as well as a local shop, cafe, office space for a local children’s charity, versatile community meeting room and multipurpose space for delivery of other services and activities. 

Following one year of operation, GPHC carried out a review and identified that the facility was not securing as many lets and engaging with as many local people, groups and agencies as it had intended.  Although GHPC recognised that CentrePoint is still at an early stage and it is expected that occupancy will increase in time, they decided to work with us to undertake a community marketing project to engage more effectively with the community, groups and agencies with an overall aim of increasing the profile of CentrePoint locally and to deliver services that are more responsive to the needs and preferences of local people, thereby increasing the use of the centre and ensure the generation of income to cover core revenue costs.

We have now commenced this role and are enjoying working with GPHC and the Gowkthrapple Organisation for Leisure and Development (GOLD Group).


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