Let’s Talk About Money

When it comes to money matters, it seems many of us don’t have anyone to confide in.  A recent national survey has revealed that three-quarters of us say we feel generally happy about life when we feel good about our money and yet it seems that only a fifth of us feel we have someone we can trust to confide in about our money situation.

With this in mind Community Links Scotland has been working with Hillhead Housing Association 2000, Antonine Housing Association and the local Strathkelvin Credit Union to arrange a series of ‘Let’s Talk About Money’ drop-in and workshop events giving tenants the opportunity to access and find out more about a variety of local financial inclusion and support services all at the same time.  In addition to the Housing Associations and the Credit Union organisations that took part in this recent initiative included Citizens Advice Bureau, East Dunbartonshire Volunteer Centre and CVS, The Energy Savings Trust as well as East Dunbartonshire Council’s Learning & Skills Team and Trading Standards Team.

The Associations’ partnership work with the Strathkelvin Credit Union doesn’t stop there.  With the assistance of Community Links Scotland they have also prepared and distributed an eight page financial inclusion information booklet  to every tenant to raise awareness of  ways to save money, maximise income and access affordable credit as well as details of where to get help and advice.  Volunteers from the Credit Union are also providing training to relevant staff from both of the Associations to sign up members for the credit union on their behalf so tenants can join the credit union out with their collection hours and at the time of being encouraged to do so by RSL staff. Furthermore, as an incentive to join Strathkelvin Credit Union Hillhead Housing Association are looking to offer to cover the credit union membership fee for tenants when they sign up and they will also change their prize giveaways in future offering prizes to tenants (for example for good behaviour) in the form of credit union savings instead of high street vouchers.


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