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A village face lift, a revival of the former shinty pitch and a community centre for Dunbeg were just some of the project plans highlighted in the new community action plan for Dunbeg which CLS prepared for West Highland Housing Association (WHHA). These projects also featured on our project implementation boards for a community day at the Dunbeg Primary School that aimed to give the residents a chance to prioritise projects and confirm their commitment and involvement.

Dunbeg ConsultationOngoing housing developments will expand the village considerably and WHHA want to ensure that existing residents are supported with tangible projects that can enhance the village life and that can be taken forward by the community itself with the help of the housing association.

Bring back the kickabout! Community Links Scotland prepared a number of consultation boards that highlighted the most needed projects in the village. During the community drop-in day, people of Dunbeg were able to tell us what they’d like to see in their village. There was a clear support for the revival of sporting activities in Dunbeg starting with the reinstatement of the former kickabout pitch which has been neglected and is now overgrown and unkempt.

Safe and shore!  A new path linking the village with the shore was proposed. The current road is too narrow and can be dangerous for walkers and visitors to SAMS that is located right at the end of the road by the shore. Construction work on the side of the road also adds to this danger and so many residents were quite enthusiastic about this proposal for a new path link that could be an extension of a recently opened and very popular cycle path to Ganavan.

Plotting for success! Some considerable interest has also been expressed in having an allotments area for Dunbeg but potential locations and delivery models would need further investigation.

Bin and ban it! A tidy-up of the village was seen as a necessity for most residents. Not only dog fouling is a problem in the area but also the lack of litter bins and untidiness of the recycling point are seen as off-putting and making the village to be a less desirable place to live. People were very supportive of the idea of getting the primary school involved with an anti-litter dropping and removal of dog foul campaign and the Council is keen to support this initiative.

WHHA, working through CLS, will now work towards the implementation of projects to tidy up the village including anti dog foul campaign, revival of the kickabout area, and investigations into the potential for allotments and a shoreline path. Whilst initial survey work secured a high level of support for a community centre for Dunbeg, it is providing hard to get people to commit to a community driven initiative in this regard and so will not be a project for major implementation.

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