Big Lottery’s Community Spaces Programme Funding

We’ve had confirmation that all three of the applications that we submitted to the Big Lottery’s new Community Spaces Programme have been approved for funding.

The three projects are:

River Clyde Homes – Woodhall Community Park (fast trackfull application)

Knowes Housing Association – Watchmeal Crescent, communal open space landscaping (stage 1 and development funding application approved)
Hillhead Housing Association  2000 –  Community Allotments (stage 1 and development funding applications approved)

Hillhead_Comunity Growing Project_map


Hillhead Community Growing Spaces


Since taking over ownership of the majority of social housing stock within the neighbourhood of Hillhead in 2003, Hillhead Housing Association 2000 has been working hard to deliver a programme of demolition and new build as well as property improvements to all of their remaining older stock. Alongside this the Association has also been involved in a number of initiatives to try and address wider quality of life issues for their tenants and the broader community in one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Scotland.

Unfortunately though the Association has had minimal budget for environmental improvements to accompany their housing development programmes and whilst all their new build homes include private garden space many of their older improved stock is still without private defensible space and overall community access to shared open space to come together is limited.

Where possible the Association have however engaged in a handful open space improvements including the development of a small community garden, the installation of a play park and the support of Hillhead Primary School to develop a school garden within their grounds. On the whole open space within the neighbourhood of Hillhead remains characterised by small unattractive underutilised sites that are currently maintained to a basic standard but with huge potential to be developed to provide far greater opportunities and benefits for the local community.


This project aims to improve Hillhead’s open space to make it more useable for the local community and to utilise it as an additional tool in helping to tackle issues of deprivation within the area.

The specific outcomes this project is looking to achieve are:

  • The community of Hillhead come together to create usable communal open space within the neighbourhood
  • The community of Hillhead come together to improve their local physical environment
  • The community of Hillhead come together to improve their overall health and wellbeing, especially issues of addiction, mental ill health, social isolation; poor diet and employability


In an ideal world HHA would be able to work with the local community to make improvements and better utilise all of the open space within the neighbour but unfortunately due to budget and resource limitations that is not possible. The Association have therefore conducted an assessment of the pockets of open space within the local area in their ownership and have identified six potential site options for achieving the intended aims and outcomes of this project.

  • Option 1 – Bank Road
  • Option 2 – Meiklehill Road pocket site
  • Option 3 – Highfield Grove site
  • Option 4 – Friars Croft site
  • Option 5 – Meiklehill Road Linear Park
  • Option 6 – Re-instating private fenced gardens


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