Community Links Scotland

2017 - present

Almond Enterprises Ltd. (AEL), a subsidiary of Almond Housing Association (AHA), appointed CLS to carry out a feasibility study into the options for them delivering a work experience and training opportunity for people with additional support needs in West Lothian. This arose from the shutting down of a similar initiative which AHA themselves were a client of; seeing the value in the work previously carried out by the initiative AHA were keen to assess whether they were in a position to continue delivering similar opportunities. This similar opportunity involved participants working on document management services to increase work- based skills and taking part in certificated training opportunities.

CLS engaged with a number of employability services within West Lothian on how to best deliver this new initiative in line with the existing local employability landscape, while also carrying out market research to determine the demand for such a service among potential clients, and delivering a funding strategy focused on how to best secure funding to enable the initiative’s delivery.